Stuff That Makes Me Smile (AKA things that don’t make me want to bang my head against a solid brick wall)

Why hello there internet!  Fellow young ones, writers, crohnic illness sufferers, casual bloggers and adventure seekers.

If you follow me or have read any of my previous posts you will know that I am a big fan of the good old-fashioned whinge up.   I have a talent for it, passed on from my Mother before me.   I know how to moan, I excel at it.   And when you’re good at something, well, we all like to share our interests.

And my blog, which originated as a place for me to write about writing has evolved over the past year into my discussing, in more and more detail, about the struggle I have with my chronic illness.  I wouldn’t say this in itself is a bad thing, I believe in the power of sharing and I know that support from other people can make you feel less alone and more empowered.  Especially when you’re going through various drugs and surgeries in an attempt to stay even remotely healthy.

However, that topic matter isn’t particularly cheerful, because even when I’m joking about it, it’s still not the happiest of subjects.

So I wanted to take five minutes out of my day, to list things that make me happy.  And I don’t mean the big things like my husband, family, friends or holiday trips.  I’m talking about the little, day to day things that just bring a smile to my otherwise grumpy-cat face.   This was a really fun exercise and I recommend giving it a go, you come up with some weird stuff.


  • Brightly coloured post-it notes.
  • Funky illustrated notebooks, (like the ones that have pictures of random women with pink hair on them on the front cover, or illustrations of dogs and owls just because.)
  • Plain papered notebooks.  They are so satisfying to write in.
  • Dogs in jackets.
  • Photo albums and all scrap book related stuff.
  • Photo frames.
  • Tickets from ages ago that I forgot I had and suddenly it’s 2007 and I’m queuing for my first ever gig.
  • Tuna salad sandwiches.
  • Cheese and tomato sandwiches.
  • Chicken salad sandwiches.
  • I’m just gonna go ahead and say ALL SANDWICHES.  (Except the weird lasagne sandwich that the local co-op tried selling once, I mean, what is that?)
  • People with crazy coloured hair.
  •  People buying me cookies randomly because they know I love cookies.
  • Also, cookies.
  • Sleeping in a new duvet cover.  The best feeling.
  • Getting shampoo with the matching conditioner. ❤
  • Getting shampoo with the matching conditioner AND body wash.  Unfgh, so good.
  • The first cup of tea of the day.
  • Take away cups keeping my hands warm in winter.
  • Listening to a song I haven’t heard in ages and remembering all the words like a damn pro.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Hot water bottles!
  • TV box sets of retro 90s shows.
  • The smell of old books.
  • Learning really obscure new facts that serve no purpose to my life, e.g. if a female ferret doesn’t have sex for a year she will DIE.
  • The smell of wood polish.

AND SO MANY MORE.  There are so many things that make me happy!  So sometimes when you’re feeling low , stop and think about all the weird shit that makes you smile and hopefully that will stop you from lobbing your faulty fuckin’ laptop out the window. 🙂

Best Wishes,





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