A Good Old Fashioned Write-Off

So it’s that time of year again.

Get your writing hands at the ready and start typing!

Oh boy do I love to hate and hate to love NaNoWriMo 2017.   Every year it forces me to do something.

Last year I wrote just under fifty thousand words of a novel I really enjoyed writing and have spent the past year expanding and failing to edit properly.  So this NaNoWriMo I had a choice to make.   Edit last year’s NaNo and push for perfection with a goal to send off to agents, OR write something brand spanking new.

I chose to dive into a new project.   Not because I don’t want to edit my previous novel (I do, I REALLLYYYY do I just mega-suck at it.)  But also because NaNoWriMo is an opportunity every year to force myself to write.   To get the creative juices flowing and carve something out of nothing.

I have a lot going on at the moment, with liquid diets and surgery in the pipeline, so it’s kind of nice to dive in and immerse myself into something new without the added pressure of trying to perfect it.  After all, isn’t that what writing is all about?  Escapism and magic and about writing a story away from yourself?   Granted, NaNoWriMo is a challenging, frustrating and almost painful month but every year it’s worth it.

Plus, who doesn’t like a good word goal challenge?  My aim is to beat last year’s word count.  A healthy competition between me, myself and I.

Besides, I’ve made a deal to edit last year’s NaNo once this one is done and dusted.   Seems fair, right?

So here it goes my fellow NaNoWriMo-ers!  I’m four days late to starting but tonight I kicked out 1,650 words and I’m feeling good.

See you on the other side!

Best wishes interweb,

Rachel xx






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