Nala’s Tale

Okay so I recognise that this blog has not been the chirpiest of places to visit of late.

So here’s the story of how we got our dog Nala.

And I warn you now, it’s frickin’ heartwarming.

(Or at least I think so.)

So, in 2015 we lost our dog Izzy and the flat felt so empty without her that we decided to get another dog.

We discussed it at length, whether it would be too soon, whether it would feel like we were replacing Izzy but I think that we both knew after having lived with a dog, we could not now live without one.

So we kept a look out on the Pets 4 Homes website and after a few weeks we saw an add for Yorkshire Terrier puppies in Southampton.  We contacted the breeder and arranged to go up that weekend.

On Saturday we made the hour and half trip down, I had a blanket on my lap that smelt of home.  We were both nervous, I think.

So we arrived at the address and we were let into their kitchen.  There was a baby gate dividing the kitchen from the living room but we could see into the garden from where we stood.  And there were children playing in front of the TV amongst what I can only describe as an explosion of toys.

The couple offered us tea, which we politely declined, and then we were told that there was only one puppy left.   Shane and I looked at each other apprehensively and that was when we saw her.

She was this small, scruffy thing with big beautiful brown eyes and a tiny tuft of white on her chest.  I picked her up and held her and she licked my face and I knew that there was no way we were leaving without her.

Now, this is where things got a little…odd.

“She sat in some poo which we had to cut off, so she’s got a little bald patch.”

It struck me as a strange but in that second I was too busy falling in love with the little ball of fur in my arms.

Shane, who by every definition is the more level-headed of the two of us actually had the sense to ask some questions, I was practically half way out the door with the dog in tow at this point.

“Can we see the parents?”  Shane asked.

To this they pointed to the French doors where, sure enough, there was a Yorkshire Terrier waiting to be let back in.  They told us that the dad was elsewhere in the garden and that they would let them back in to show us but they didn’t want the dogs to be there when we took her.  This seemed more than reasonable to me.

I passed the little pup to Shane and he asked them how often he bred the dogs.  They said twice a year, once in summer and once in winter.  We then asked a couple more questions; what had they been feeding the puppies, had the puppies been wormed and everything yet.  They said yes.  (Spoiler alert, this was a LIE.)

I then went into a long rambling tangent about how much I loved dogs and how excited I was to be taking the puppy home, to which they then said that if we wanted another one that they were due another set of puppies in six weeks.

Again this struck me as strange as they had just told us they only bred their dogs twice a year but Shane and I were eager to take our new pack member home.  So we paid them the four hundred pound, said our goodbyes and hopped in the car to begin the hour and half drive home.

Now, I honestly expected a little bit of a scene from our new puppy.  I expected her to whine at leaving her home, or to cry because we were strangers.  But she seemed so happy, she sat on my lap and was trying to lick me and play with me almost the entire journey home and then she eventually fell asleep on me.  (Not before peeing on me first.)

This was when I noticed the bald patch that the woman had mentioned.   Except it clearly hadn’t been cut, it was thin and there were yellow scabs around the area.   Long story short, our new, adorable puppy had mange.   We took her to the vets the very next day and we were given a special cream to apply to her every day and a special shampoo that we were to wash her in every other day.   This cost us about two hundred pound, when I tried contacting the breeders they denied all knowledge of it and then stopped responding to my messages.

Now it sounds like I’m moaning but the moment that I held Nala I knew she was coming home with us.  The minute she arrived in our flat she fit.  And it sounds stupid but I honestly believe that she wanted to go home with us.

She was the happiest, sweetest puppy and she is now the happiest, sweetest dog and I am so grateful that we decided to make that journey to Southampton.  She is the Queen of this flat and she completes our little family.

That night we brought her home and we tried to put her to sleep in her own bed but she wasn’t having any of it.  So she crawled into bed with us and has done ever since.

In conclusion, my dog Nala is magic.

Best wishes interweb,

Rachel xxx














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