It’s been a rough month for me.  And I don’t know whether this has reflected in my writing.

I have definitely been using NaNoWriMo as a distraction.   I am more determined than ever to complete this draft by the end of the month.

Come hell or high water… It. Will. Get. Done.

So when I hit that 25,000 mark yesterday and I saw that beautiful shining badge on my NaNo dashboard, I felt elated.

I can do this.

There is a power in being able to pour all of your emotions out onto the page, regardless of whether it is read by anyone else.  Simply seeing your own feelings laid out in front of you can somehow make you feel validated.

My project this NaNo is a YA novel, so even though my own feelings aren’t a part of the story, it feels as though I can channel these pent up emotions and stuff them into my characters.  It’s therapeutic, it’s satisfying and it makes for a better novel.  (Not to mention it probably lends the right level of teenage angst into the mix.)

Or at least I hope so.

So, it’s day 14 of NaNoWriMo, and I’m feeling confident that this year, I will reach the word target.  And, judging from twitter, I’m not alone.   Hundreds of NaNo-ers are hitting word goals all over the place.

Motivate yourself with badges, with chocolate and with caffeine.

Let’s get this shit done 🙂

Happy writings’ you crazy bunch!

Rachel xx





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