The Moon-Quiet Boy and the Sun-Bright Girl

She’s got a mouth full of secrets and danger in her eyes,
She’s got a fire in her soul and a tongue that tells only lies.

He is the calm before the storm, the quiet in the night,
His thoughts are like snow while his smile brings the light.

Together they are eternal – sea brushing against sand,
He is moon-quiet and strong, she sun-bright and grand.

Together they are a jigsaw, pieces sliding neatly into place,
She would move the worlds for him, he would shower stars upon her face.



I was never really into poetry before but over the past few months I have found myself really getting into it.  So, I thought I’d try my hand at it myself, this would be my second attempt.  ‘Lady Chaos’ being my first.  Any feedback is very much appreciated!

Best wishes,

Rachel x 



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