Queen of Procrastination and Watcher of Netflix

July 1st

When I put my mind to something, I am unstoppable.

If I decide that I am going to spend four hours writing – I do it.  If I set a goal – I can reach it.  I can go weeks at a time like this – unrelentingly pushing myself until I get shit done.

See that beautiful plot board up there?  I did that in one day.  Ain’t it pretty?

Unfortunately I can be as equally dedicated to spending time on the sofa doing nothing as I can be dedicated to my writing.

For instance right now I am writing this blog, earlier on today I cleaned my desk, bought a mini whiteboard and then put all of the word counts for my separate projects on that white board.  I’m also considering dyeing my hair in a minute (a job I could almost certainly wait until tomorrow.)

This is because I am putting off something.  And that something is the dreaded synopsis.  This will be my fourth rewrite and then I have to – HAVE TO – send my novel off into the black space of the interweb where it shall sit in an agents inbox just waiting to be rejected.

And I am prolonging this process by doing literally anything else.

I really should just do it.  I start my new job on Monday and then I will have considerably less time to focus on it.  Which means I have the rest of this weekend to do finish this fear inducing task.


(Sidenote, this is probably the most pointless, rambling and ill-structured post I have ever written on this website, which possibly has something to do with the fact that I am only writing it in order to not write the synopsis.  Yet at the same time still feel like I am doing some form of writing.  You get me?)

Oh god, I should really just do it.

Or y’know, I could watch another episode of 4400.  I mean, that’s sure to give me some inspiration, right?

By all means please let me know your own ingenious methods of avoiding work in the comments below… I could always use more original ideas!

Best wishes,

Queen of Procrastination, Watcher of Netflix, Protector of the Remote Control and Eater of all the cookies, Rachel D – the first of her name.



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