Deadlines and Other Terrifying Prospects

May 12th

Creating deadlines for yourself is hard.

Keeping to them is even harder.

Which is where I find myself at the moment.   I promised myself that by May 20th I would have sent off my manuscript to agents.  That I would – without fail – click that send button and embrace the responses, whatever they might be.

I am just over a week away from my self-imposed deadline and I find myself…stalling. Now all I want to do is rip my novel into tiny pieces and then stitch it slowly and carefully back together again.  I keep lingering over paragraphs that I previously enjoyed and tweaking sentences that I thought were finished.

Is this just cold feet?  Or is this me, telling myself that my manuscript is simply not ready yet.

I have a week off from my “proper job” next week and I am going to take the time to hunch over my novel, ironing out edges and hopefully smoothing over the rough-spots.

And re-writing the synopsis.

Oh how I hate the synopsis.

Maybe next week will show me just how ready I am, maybe I will hit my deadline or maybe I shall create a new one.

Regardless, I will eventually have to stop prevaricating and I will have to reach a point where I must take the risk and decide enough is enough.

Eventually I will have to click SEND.

Wish me luck 🙂

Best wishes,



2 thoughts on “Deadlines and Other Terrifying Prospects

  1. Darren says:

    Have you spent anytime away from the manuscript? I know for me if I’ve spent a long time in the edits I start hating passages and generally feeling crappy about the whole thing.


    • rachelcarolinedeacons says:

      I have done, I spent a good couple of months away from it after Christmas and you’re right it does do the world of good!

      I think it’s more that it’s getting so close to my “deadline” that I’m just over-analysing every little thing. I think I just need to take the plunge!


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